Why People Love Wolfe Dental Cedar Mill

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Instead of going all over Beaverton and beyond to meet all your dental needs, we offer everything in one dental office. Regardless of the procedure or treatment your smile requires, we provide basically every service with a team you’ve come to know and trust.

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When used wisely, dental insurance can help you save money on maintaining your smile. Our dental practice is insurance-friendly, which means we can help you understand how to take full advantage of your benefits, handle all the paperwork on your behalf, and help you get the most value for your money.

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Although we approach your care seriously, we don’t take ourselves very seriously. We have a good time and want our patients to enjoy visiting our comfortable dental office. We come to work with a positive and infectious attitude that we hope will brighten your day.

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Not Corporate

Our team—including the owner—is not far removed from the area. We live and work here too. Like you, we are raising our families in this and nearby communities, meaning we’re your friendly neighbors who just happen to be dental experts!

Dentistry Fit for
Kings & Queens

Even if you are not Mrs. Oregon, it is nice to know our dentistry meets the highest standards. Beauty comes from within, but a confident smile helps.

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You don’t have to take our word for it that we deliver stunning results and care. You can read our reviews for yourself. One of our satisfied patients is a successful pageant queen! However, we have patients from all walks of life and will give everyone VIP treatment.

Let us show you just how revitalizing having beautiful, strong teeth and gums can be. You may be surprised that this seemingly small improvement can really give you a substantial boost to your self-esteem! With this renewed confidence, you can achieve other goals like interviewing for a better job or meeting someone special.

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Unmatched Clinical Expertise

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Team of

Why is having multiple dentists on staff beneficial? If yours needs a second opinion, another is there to help. If yours is out on vacation or is sick, another can step in to help if you have a dental emergency in a pinch. Our assembled team of dentists shares the same passion for outstanding service and personalized care.

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Patients First

When you come for your appointment, you are our priority. Unlike other practices, we won’t push unnecessary treatment and try to upsell you. We only recommend procedures that align with your needs and goals and collaborate with you to create the perfect, unique treatment plan.

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Even if your only treatment is getting your teeth cleaned, know that your smile is in capable hands. With years of experience and training, our dental hygienists are amazingly skilled, friendly, and gentle, ensuring your time in the chair is as pleasant as possible.

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Same-day Treatment

If a dental emergency strikes, we understand that each second can feel much longer. That’s why we make every effort to see you on the same day as your phone call. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for assistance during your time of need.

Providing a
Judgment and
Lecture-free Zone

Whether you love the dentist or have not visited in years, we go the extra mile to allow our guests to relax and rejuvenate while here.

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Feeling embarrassed about the condition of your mouth? With us at Wolfe Dental Cedar Mill, you don’t have to worry about being judged or shamed. Even if it has been years since your last visit, you have tooth decay or an oral infection, or caused a dental emergency, we’re just happy to see you coming in for help! Our compassionate team will still treat you with respect and recommend procedures you need to regain a healthy smile and confidence.

When we do share tips for avoiding future dental problems, we aren’t preachy or overbearing. We try to educate in a way that leaves you feeling capable of taking better care of your oral health at home as well as excited for your next appointment.

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Dental Services We Offer

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Cleanings, X-rays
& Check-ups

Don’t underestimate the importance of preventive dental care! Like the American Dental Association, we strongly recommend an appointment at least every six months. Keeping your mouth clean and regularly checked for any signs of trouble is key to a lifetime of healthy smiles, and we make these visits enjoyable.

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Invisalign® &
Cosmetic Dentistry

Celebrities aren’t the only ones who can have a flawless smile. In fact, with treatments like Invisalign, veneers, and others, you can feel confident about showing your teeth and gums in basically any situation. After learning about your goals, we’ll put together a plan designed just for your perfect smile.

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Urgent dental situations can come up unexpectedly, but rest assured you have our team on your side when you need us most. In addition to relief from pain, we’ll provide repairs that will get your smile back on track and you back to normal life quickly.

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Have you lost a tooth or two or even all of them? We can give your smile a lifelike second chance with dental implants. Fortunately, our team can perform the entire dental implant procedure in our Beaverton dental office, so you don’t have to go to costly specialists.

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Fillings, Crowns,
Dentures & More

No matter the current condition of your teeth (even if you don’t have any left), we offer the highest quality for restorations. They not only will give you essential biting and chewing functions back but also look realistic and feel comfortably natural.

Our Dental Patients Love Us

First appointment this morning was great! Dr Wolfe and his staff were all very personable, it was a comfortable atmosphere and the office has all the latest dental technology.

Sara G.

I’m a new patient here and my first impression is very positive. The staff are experienced, knowledgeable and friendly and the office is super clean and modern.

Jeff H.

Cedar Mill is a beautiful office and the staff is extremely friendly and helpful. I had a great experience getting my checkup and cleaning done with Wolfe Dental.p>

Lauren T.
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